The former principals of SMRB a/k/a Green Acres Pharms, a former marijuana grower, have been named in a lawsuit brought by the SEC accusing them of running a PONZI scheme and defrauding investors out of millions of dollars.  The principals, Robert W. Russell and Guy Scott Griffithe have been accused of spending over $3.5 million of investor funds on luxury cars, a 65-foot yacht and other "extravagant luxuries, inappropriate personal expenditures and unrelated business ventures". The SEC has demanded that the two principals return all "ill-gotten gains."  The investors were told that their funds were being used to improve operations of the business and to acquire updated farm equipment. When distribution payments to investors ceased in December, 2017, an investigation by the State of Washington liquor and cannabis board was initiated.  SMRB's license to grow cannabis was later terminated and ultimately SMRB turned the farm over to its landlord.