I’ve written before about the hemp industry’s oversupply problem (see link, link), with the focus having been on CBD production to catch the consumer wave. I’d like to highlight an article from Hemp Benchmarks from earlier this week noting signs of a shift away from growing hemp for CBD in response to this problem. (link)

Looking at recent planting trends and announcements, there appears to be a move in cultivation towards hemp grown for fiber (including for use in hempcrete (my new favorite half-portmanteau)) and grain, rather than CBD. On the same note, Hemp Industry Daily published an article discussing the acquisition by HempFlax, a Netherlands-based hemp grower and processor, of German insulation manufacturer, Thermo-Natur, as a play to expanding its hemp building supplies business. (link)

For sure, a few data points do not make a trend, but perhaps this is a sign that the hemp industry is adapting after the initial exuberance of newfound legality.