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Smart technologies in the era of COVID-19

The digitalisation of shipping and the operation of maritime autonomous surface ships is a reality, even if it is still on a small scale.  

It was recently announced that a port operator in Jebel Ali port, which is one of the largest commercial ports and business hubs in Dubai, has teamed up with a robotics and artificial Intelligence specialist to make a fleet of autonomous internal terminal vehicles.

It is anticipated that this internal terminal fleet will assist in the efficiency of the port's daily operations. This is an interesting development that the shipping wold will have its eyes on. 

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, where crew and port personnel are advised to have minimal interaction, ports have been re-considering their practices. The implementation of new technologies will likely assist the ports in maintaining, if not boosting, their efficiency. Although the human element will remain necessary, it is anticipated that smart technologies will assist workflow.

New technology trials have shown that AI-based software solutions have the potential to boost efficiency and allow the automation of existing container terminals economically


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