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Further delay from the FDA on CBD today?

Friends, revisiting another 2019 year-end prediction (link), the FDA continues to remind us that it (almost certainly) still isn’t going to move quickly on CBD. Hemp Industry Daily reported last week that a senior counsel at the FDA told the American Veterinary Medical Association’s convention last week that there are “’data gaps and safety concerns’ about any CBD products sold outside pharmaceutical channels.” (link) Noting that the FDA continues to conduct and encourage research, and evaluate policy, while still enforcing the current state of the law, these statement send yet another conspicuous signal that the FDA is going to take its time to regulate the use of CBD in food, beverage, and dietary supplements.

Perhaps I should just take my own advice (link; link) that predicting how and when the federal government is going to regulate anything cannabis-related has about, say, a 0.3% or less chance of being right.

(hat tip to my FDA regulatory partner, Cori Annapolen Goldberg (CV))



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