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Ammonia fuelled tanker a reality in 2025?

The world's first ammonia fuelled tanker looks set to enter service in 2025. 

The tanker is being designed & built by the Castor Initiative, a coalition of key players in the shipping industry. The Castor Initiative was launched in January 2020 and includes MISC Berhad, Lloyd's Register, Samsung Heavy Industries, MAN Energy Solutions, Yara International and the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore.

This impressive coalition represents a real opportunity for green development in the shipping sector. It covers everything from the engineering knowledge through to the laws and regulation required for safe operating procedures. 

If this prototype proves to be successful, then applying that deep well of experience to more vessels will be the next key step. Only through this kind of collaboration and knowledge-sharing will the IMO's zero-emissions target be reached.  

Castor Initiative’s ammonia-fuelled tanker will set sail for MISC in 2025


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