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Florida: The next state to propose a comprehensive consumer privacy bill

The proposed House bill (which has backing by the Republican governor) provides for data subject rights including access, portability and rectification, and the opt-out of the sale or sharing of consumer information. It also sets forth civil penalties (if not cured within 30 days of notification of a violation), and allows for a limited right of private action.

Florida officials join those in a number of other states in proposing consumer privacy bills to regulate the sale and sharing of personal data. House Bill 969 borrows language from the California Consumer Privacy Act, which passed in 2018, and its successor, the California Privacy Rights Act. .... The bill also would provide data privacy protections for biometric identifiers, including retina scans, fingerprints, and facial scans. Like privacy legislation in California, it has a limited private right of action for consumers to sue in the event of some data breaches stemming from poor security practices.


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