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| 1 minute read

The FDA says "no" to less fantastical CBD health claims

Friends – long-time readers of these Cannabis Musings may recall that, one of these days, I’m going to open a CBD knish truck. Plenty of things have gotten in the way of that truck finally hitting the road to deliver hemp-based CBD-infused potato delights. One of those roadblocks has been how to market my CBD knishes.

The FDA has made it plenty clear in the past that it will not tolerate egregious medical claims about hemp-based CBD. Now, apparently, I won’t be able claim that my CBD knishes provide mere pain relief – the agency issued warning letters this week to two CBD companies over such claims. (link; link; link)

While the FDA continues to ban the sale of food, beverages, and dietary supplements containing hemp-based CBD, without seemingly doing much to stop those sales, and while we still don’t know when it’ll finally issue regulations on those products (link), the agency continues to actively crack down on all sorts of CBD health claims, from the egregious to the relatively mild. It’s a confusing dialectic to navigate for a (someday) humble purveyor of noshes.


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