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Maybe some day there will be free two-day shipping of cannabis after all...

Back in February, I engaged in a thought experiment in these Cannabis Musings about whether there “will there be free two-day shipping for shatter,” generally concluding that Congress won’t allow that to happen if legalization occurs. (link)

Well, sometimes, life really does imitate art (yes, I just called these Cannabis Musings “art”). Amazon (the progenitor of free two-day shipping) announced this week that it will be “actively supporting” passage of the MORE Act for legalization (link), which was reintroduced in the House earlier this week. (link)

Amazon made this statement in the context of an announcement that it will no longer include cannabis for certain aspects of its drug testing policy, but it’s really notable to me that such a prominent, public, multinational company is coming out actively in favor of a law that, in Amazon’s own words, would “legalize marijuana at the federal level, expunge criminal records, and invest in impacted communities,” let alone imploring other companies to follow suit. On the heels of the formation of the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Education by alcohol and tobacco companies, trade groups, and think tanks (link), this is, in my opinion, a bold statement.

Now, I still stand by my guess that Congress won’t allow shipping of cannabis by the US Postal Service or by common carrier, although reality somehow keeps getting in the way of my predictions. Perhaps it’s a good reminder that you should never take these Cannabis Musings as legal or investment advice, or anything else for that matter.


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