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The EU is consulting on reforming the REACH chemical regime

The European Commission adopted a Chemicals Sustainability Strategy in 2020, as part of the objectives of the European Green Deal. The Strategy required the Commission to carry out a review of the EU REACH chemical and assess ways in which to streamline and improve the various complex requirements of REACH, with particular focus on the processes for registrations, authorisations, restrictions and substance communication (via safety data sheets).

In pursuit of that objective, the Commission has launched a public consultation setting out its proposed direction of travel on each of these aspects of REACH. Whilst possible changes to the registration process are perhaps too late and therefore of little impact to those that have been operating under the REACH regime for many years, the possible changes to substance information requirements and simplification of SDS requirements are potentially more significant. For example, the suggestion of moving to a harmonised electronic format for SDS will be welcomed by many.

The consultation is open until 15 April 2022.