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Bulker drifts through wind farm

Not the first such incident, and certainly unlikely to be the last. Following a collision with another vessel, the bulk carrier Julietta D drifted through the Hollandse Kust Zuid wind farm causing damage to some of the monopile foundations.  

The growth of wind energy is impacting many aspects of the transportation and logistics industry giving rise to a number of legal issues including: 

  • the development, financing and construction of specialist support craft; 
  • increasingly complex contracts for the installation, operation and maintenance of the wind farms; and 
  • inevitable cargo claims arising from the transport of the blades, turbines, nacelles and towers. 

Reed Smith are seeing more and more of such issues, which is good for business but, more importantly, the planet!

After the crew of the Julietta D had been safely evacuated, the vessel drifted rudderless through the wind farm site for several hours.


transportation, shipping, offshore wind