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California introduces Clean Hydrogen Bill

California recently introduced a new Bill which could significantly increase the emphasis on “green hydrogen” as an alternative fuel in the state's economy. SB 1075 would create the “California Clean Hydrogen Hub Fund,” making State subsidies available for “green hydrogen projects.”  California is already a national and global leader in hydrogen market and policy development, with leading policies to support the development and deployment of fuel cell vehicles, hydrogen refueling stations, and clean hydrogen supplies. 

California views green hydrogen power deployment as a key component in meeting its decarbonization goals. The Bill’s proponents see developing green hydrogen at scale as a way to help decarbonize energy-intenstive industries, including cement and steel production, industry, thermal powerplants, agriculture, and the transportation sector, including light-, medium-, and heavy-duty vehicles, goods movement, rail, shipping, mining, and aviation, and accelerate progress towards the state’s climate, clean air, and clean energy goals.

For more on this Bill, please see our full analysis here


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