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Reed Smith 2024 Sustainability Policy

Very pleased that Reed Smith is taking a leadership role in creating a new Sustainability Policy for our firm as part of our own Environmental, Social and Governance program. I am proud that our actions reflect our advice - after all, it is hard to be a trusted legal partner in this areas unless you are following your own advice. 

There is quite a bit in the overall plan, but the key components are:

1) reduce carbon emissions by 20% by 2024;
2) utilize all recyclable / reusable products by 2024;
3) create an internal governance system (two lead "sustainability" partners and a "green team" in each office) to implement the program; and
4) reward all timekeepers with up to 25 billable hours of billable credit / year for sustainability projects and work.

I look forward to helping us achieve these goals.  

Global law firm Reed Smith announced the launch of its Global Environmental Sustainability Plan 2024