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Drones, AAM and eVTOLs in APAC - a new era of harmonisation

“We cannot soar safely unless we soar safely together” - how true.

With the newly set up regional centre for aviation safety, the Asia Pacific Centre for Aviation Safety, we have a much needed platform for harmonisation of approach.

While the Asia Pacific Centre for Aviation Safety has announced its focus areas on currently pressing issues on pilot training and safety regulations that are culturally relevant, its potential is what is interesting.

The APAC region is very diverse, and with new aircraft #evtols #uam #aam #drones and alternative propulsion coming to fore to decarbonise air transport and improve economic inclusion in under-connected locations within APAC, there will be a need to harmonise air safety regulations within the APAC region.

Could the Asia Pacific Centre for Aviation Safety fill the harmonisation gap?


advanced air mobility, evtols, aviation, transportation