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ESG - Germany's ESG Data Center Market is on the rise

The Data Center Market in Germany, even though a tight knit community, is on a continuing rise.

This is especially true for the Frankfurt metropolitan region. The regions ever growing relevance for this market is in large parts fueled by the existence of the DE-CIX internet exchange point. DE-CIX being being one of the biggest and busiest internet exchange points with 14 Terrabits per second peak traffic brings Frankfurt in a prime spot for Data Center developments.

But not only the connectivity of Frankfurt is driving the Data Center Market, sustainability is as well. Data Center Vendors, as all other major real estate players, are focused on reducing the carbon footprint and looking out for business synergies. It is not only about reducing the carbon emissions and footprint of individual buildings and construction sites, but rather it is about how to connect industries and sectors together as the residential development industry is looking for ways to decarbonize central heating systems.

Reed Smith is in a unique position to advise all players involved in this sector, given our broad experience spanning across Europe and the globe. 

As businesses place more emphasis on lowering their carbon footprint, renewable energy sources and sustainability measures also have a big impact on the German data centre market. In general, the German data centre market is well-positioned for future expansion and innovation.


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