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EU AI Act – Keeping you informed here

EU AI Act: This is our first post of our series on the EU AI Act. We will keep you informed on all important developments regarding the EU AI Act on this channel. 

The EU AI Act is heading into the final round of the trialogue discussions. Main discussion points that are still open are (i) the regulatory approach to foundation models, (ii) whether remote biometric identification in public spaces shall be permitted or not, and (iii) enforcement on members state level vs. EU level. On item (i) Germany, Italy and France apparently came to a common understanding to follow a more self-regulated approach rather than implementing untested regulations. From a business and innovation perspective, this approach certainly is highly welcome and has the potential to find not only EU, but also a global consensus.   

Find the latest official draft of the AI Act here.

In April 2021, the European Commission proposed the first EU regulatory framework for AI. It says that AI systems that can be used in different applications are analysed and classified according to the risk they pose to users. The different risk levels will mean more or less regulation. Once approved, these will be the world’s first rules on AI.


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