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The European Health Data Space - Keeping you informed

European Health Data Space (EHDS) - here we go!

On 24 April the European Parliament adopted the EHDS which is likely to enter into force in autumn 2024 and become applicable in different stages depending on use case and data category.  

The EHDS promises to improve healthcare in the EU and to benefit health-related research. At the same time, the EHDS raises many questions. Companies that fall within the geographical and material scope, whether as data users or data holders, need to be prepared for a number of changes. In addition to the obligations and rights arising from the EHDS, it is clear that data protection and intellectual property aspects also need to be examined in more detail. The adopted draft will provide answers to many of these questions.  

The adopted draft will provide answers to many of these questions.  

We will address these and other issues in the coming posts.

Today is an example of the transformative nature of a strong European Health Union. Both the European Health Data Space and the updated rules on substances of human origin are at the core of strengthening our health systems and improving citizens’ health. With a European Health Data Space, Europeans will be fully empowered with their own health data, backed by a robust framework of data privacy and protection, while supporting innovation and the development of the next groundbreaking treatments. [...] With millions of EU citizens needing either a blood transfusion, bone marrow transplants to treat leukaemia or cycles of IVF to become parents, the safety and quality of these substances is paramount for the benefit of patients. This is the European Health Union in action, delivering for citizens. (Stella Kyriakides, Commissioner for Health and Food Safety)


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