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Cannabis-related travel issues abound

Cannabis-related travel issues continue to arise. Previously, after the act passing the legalization of adult-use cannabis across Canada, Zack Roman and I discussed issues that could arise when one attempts to cross the border from Canada to the United States for cannabis-related purposes (read more here:  As we discussed, travelers needed to be aware of CBP's statements on this topic.

One also has to be aware of the risks of flying -- even domestically -- with cannabis and of TSA's statements about this subject.  While I am not sure this article quite gets right its analysis of CBD, it does serves as a good reminder that one needs to be smart when traveling via air, even "just" domestically.  

As US states continue to legalise cannabis for medical and recreational use, an awkward tangle of conflicting state and federal laws is proving confusing for airport passengers. What have been the unintended consequences of cannabis’s uncertain legal status in the US, and how have airports been affected?


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