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The 12 Days of Christmas - DPO remix

What each festive period brings to Data Protection Officers around the world...

ONE (on a Friday night post 9pm and 2 glasses of mulled wine, natch)

panicked data breach call…

TWO(for projects launched 6 months ago but only just brought to your attention)

DPIA reviews….


French employee privacy queries …(


days left to respond to that ICO letter


... MEGA.... DSARs

SIX(thinking a right to erasure covers everything. Again. Sigh)

consumer queries…


end of year PowerPoint presentations to give

EIGHT (Y)(won't they ever break up for Christmas hols?)

pages of a new ICO guidance document to read...


urgent DPAs 

TEN(since the 1st day – help – more mulled wine please!)

New credential stuffing attacks...


internal skype calls on the new cookie banner


days of unused holiday entitlement…


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