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UK tech predictions 2020: less regulation?

Interesting to read The Guardian's 2020 tech predictions. In at number 20 is a prediction that the controversial Online Harms White Paper will be canned (in part because of other predictions that DCMS may not have a long term future but also because it is a bit of a mess...too true).

Could these developments see an end to the 2019 pledges of "making the UK the safest place to go online" and an about turn on issues such as age appropriate design, online harms, and PECR? We all know Dominic Cummings is no fan of GDPR...  

20. Britain continues not to regulate tech The online harms white paper, revealed in a blaze of publicity in the summer of 2019, has gone nowhere. The prime minister who commissioned it is out, as is the culture secretary who launched it. Whoever sits at the head of cabinet in 2020 is unlikely to want to progress this odd legislation, assembled as it is from a mishmash of Telegraph-pleasing statements about harmful but not illegal speech. And they’re unlikely to have the parliamentary time to do so even if they did want to. So instead, everyone will continue to talk about how much we need to update our laws, while doing nothing of the sort.


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