Reports are in that many large companies have stalled the production of edible products containing CBD in light of FDA warnings about safety. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that several large food and beverage producers have halted work on products containing cannabidiol given the FDA's recent warnings that insufficient research exists to determine whether CBD is safe to consume. In order to fit within the definition of ‘industrial hemp” as such term is used in the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD may not contain more than .3 percent of THC, the compound that produces the "high" effect. A group of companies has formed a consortium to have an independent tests performed on the CBD compounds contained in their products. If the test proves favorable, these companies would presumably present the results to the FDA for approval of the compounds.  All of this takes time of course and the result may be that smaller companies with a higher tolerance for risk, produce products that contain CBD, notwithstanding FDA warnings.