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Singapore law reform committee makes recommendations on application of law to robotic and AI systems

The Singapore Academy of Law's Law Reform Subcommittee on Robotics and AI has published two separate reports, titled Applying Ethical Principles for AI in Regulatory Reform, and Rethinking Database Rights and Data Ownership in an AI World

The first report discusses ethical principles that must be considered when reforming regulations around AI use. 

The second report addresses ownership, control and access rights over "big data" databases that underpin AI technologies., and discusses the applicability of intellectual property, data privacy, competition and contract law in the context of AI development and deployment. 

In certain areas, the Subcommittee has identified specific recommendations for law reform. Its primary aim, however, is for the series to stimulate systematic thought and debate on these issues, not only by policy makers and legislators, but also industry, the legal profession and the public.


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