I may scream the next time I hear the phrase "these are unprecedented times."  This cliché seems to appear in most of the emails I receive, not to mention news articles and industry surveys.  Unfortunately, it is accurately descriptive of the current economic climate.

This article from The Wall Street Journal paints a grim picture of our national debt as well as our stagnant economy.  Meanwhile, U.S. equity markets have climbed into record territory and sales of existing homes have soared while the median price of a home continues to rise.  On the other hand, unemployment claims are stubbornly high as layoffs continue across the economy, retail sales have plummeted and the stream of new business bankruptcies continue.

So, I have to concede that this is an unprecedented mix of economic news.  

How can businesses survive, let alone succeed, in this environment?  The antidote for this toxic mix is caution, expertise and experience - all of which may be in short supply when they are needed most.   There are no shortcuts or quick fixes in the face of uncertainty.