Uber Freight has announced that it is now valued at $3.3b. The company is a significant new entry in the competitive logistics field, seeking to deploy in the freight and logistics space the innovative Uber ride-sharing technology that most readers will already be familiar with, and use. The technology allows users to track their freights as well as easily access other documents. 

The shipping and logistics industry has seen a shake-up in recent years and one of the challenges will be to marry the technology with the traditional and long established features of logistics and trade, whilst improving and making more seamless the product for the logistics customer. 

There are a number of established and new players looking to offer an improved logistics service for the logistics customer, but few with as impressive a recent track record as the Uber and Uber Freight team. It will be interesting to see whether the growth of Uber Freight in the market will encourage some of the more traditional players to accelerate the development of their own technologies.