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Is shipping returning to the age of sail?

Given the IMO's ambitious target to cut greenhouse gas emissions from shipping by 50% by 2050, shipping companies are looking for ever more creative routes to achieve this. 

Neoline is a company whose aim is to provide eco-friendly maritime services. Last year they selected Neopolia SAS, a French company based in St-Nazaire, to build their first two sailing cargo vessels. Their pilot vessel will have both Ro-Ro, container and general cargo capacity making it very versatile. 

Manitou Group, which exports more than 1,000 machines a year from France to the USA, has now signed a contract to commit to using the new Neoline ships for their exports from France. This contract is a clear sign of confidence in the program. It also shows that companies are alive to reducing their own carbon footprint through choosing a low CO2 carrier. Manitou Group are expecting to reduce their CO2 emissions in shipping by up to 90% by moving to Neoline from their current arrangement. 

As environmental concerns continue to grow and alternative options appear within shipping it is ever more likely that charterers and shippers will look to carriers who can provide the biggest reduction in carbon footprint whilst still providing a reliable service.

Neoline finds work for wind-powered sailing RoRo ships


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