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Are you in compliance with the Interoperability Rules?

Like it or not, the rules on information blocking, interoperability, and patient access have arrived. Health care providers should now focus on how to assure their compliance.

The rules from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) necessitate investment in technology solutions to promote the interoperability of and ensure patient access to patient health care records. ONC has the authority to levy monetary penalties against those health care entities that don't comply, and instead engage in information blocking after the April 5, 2021 effective date of the rule. 

This topic has been covered extensively by members of our Reed Smith Health Care group via a five-part webinar series on "Information Blocking, Interoperability, and Patient Access - How to prepare for the new rules now"; the last session is Thursday, May 6, and you can listen to all of the past programs on demand. 

In addition, Diagnostic Imaging has posted a worthwhile conversation with Matthew Michela, President and CEO of Life Image, on why every sector of a health care company must care about these rules, and we recommend a listen.

However, a recent survey conducted by interoperability company Life Image revealed that most facilities are not yet in compliance, opening themselves up to penalties of up to $1 million.


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