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| 1 minute read

More U.S. Federal Cyber Focus: Now Comes the DoJ

I have been posting a lot recently about U.S. Federal agency efforts to secure the supply chain and to strengthen America's cyber security posture. The Department of Justice (DoJ) is now joining the Intelligence Agencies and the Defense Agencies in this fight!

Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco recently announced at the Munich Cyber Security Conference that the DoJ will be launching a broad four-month review into its strategy for defending and deterring emerging cyber threats. The DoJ's review will focus on emerging risks like the SolarWinds supply-chain attack and the use and exploitation of artificial intelligence by cybercriminals.

Cybersecurity is clearly a top priority of the current administration.  As President Biden detailed in the March 2021 Interim National Security Strategy Guidance, the goal is to elevate cybersecurity as an imperative across the government; the DoJ's efforts are a sign that this is happening broadly. The private sector should anticipate changes to the way it develops, acquires, uses and sells critical IT that come from the federal government's efforts in this space. The rules around cyber are changing as the administration continues to take intentional steps towards protecting the supply chain and driving towards a safer and more secure online environment for Americans and our allies worldwide.

“We are launching this week, under my direction, a review of how the department is looking at exactly this set of challenges,” Monaco said. “We want to bring forth actionable recommendations in a 120 day time frame … on what can we be doing better, working with our partners across borders, to address these threats.”


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