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ACR's new initiative advances health equity

During her Presidential address at this week's American College of Radiology (ACR) 2021 Annual Meeting, Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR, announced a major initiative to bring radiology into the forefront of efforts to promote health equity. 

ACR's new Radiology Health Equity Coalition brings together the radiology community to address health disparities and change outcomes in ways that can be measured. The new network will mobilize patient-focused radiologists to collect and disseminate resources and best practices that advance equity. The efforts aim to advocate for and connect with patients and community members and to collaborate on programs and services to empower others to act to advance equitable care. 

Radiologists can commit to advancing health equity in their practices and acting to reduce health disparities in radiology by signing on here.

One hopes that the ACR's outreach to gain participants in the Coalition will soon also invite commitments to advance equity from non-physician professionals in the radiology industry such as radiology practice managers and hospital department administrators.

The ACR has made a commitment to advance health equity through our collaboration with other Coalition members and our advocacy, research, artificial intelligence development and application as well as our radiology trainees and medical student recruitment efforts. We are here to support radiologists who make this public commitment as well. I urge radiologists to commit to advance health equity today.


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