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German Cookie Law enters into force on Dec. 1, 2021

After a 12 year delay, the German lawmakers have finalized the German cookie law. Germany is now in line with many other EU countries and requires consent for cookies and other tracking technologies that store information on or read information from user devices, unless the technology is required to provide the website service. 

The German law makers were not very creative and copied and pasted the wording of the 2009 EU Cookie Directive. This new cookie law (TTDSG) was pushed through the legislative process very speedily and also contains a couple of other unwelcomed rules for businesses operating in the electronic communications sector. 

For website tracking: Many organizations will have to switch to consent. There is some leeway for website measurement that is based on data coming from the server request.

Listen to more details in our podcast: 

More cookie banners in Germany: New law requires consent unless strictly required. Byebye "balancing of interest test" :-(


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