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UK Online Advertising Programme Consultation - final call

'OAP', being more commonly associated with an Old Age Pensioner, seems a rather odd choice of acronym for the UK Government's new consultation on its 'Online Advertising Programme' which focuses on digital innovation and technical change in the online advertising market.  However, you will be seeing this a lot in the coming months and many of us are likely to age quite quickly if some of the potential proposals come to bear.

Digital regulation is everywhere at the moment and every month it feels like there is some update or announcement around online safety or adTech consultations or investigations. This consultation is a biggie however and should not be overlooked. Stakeholders in the advertising supply chain from publishers and platforms, intermediaries, agencies and brands are all covered in the analysis and calls for comment on 3 key proposals: (i) continued self-regulation; (ii) self regulation with statutory backstop; and (iii) full statutory regulation. The consultation closes on 1 June so those wishing to feed into these proposals should take note.


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