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eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel

Thomson Reuters has published its 2022 edition of eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel. Reed Smith was pleased to contribute two of three completely re-worked chapters in the 2022 edition of the book, in which leading corporate counsel, outside counsel, and service providers offer a comprehensive look across the stages of e-discovery. My colleagues, Kiriaki Tourikis, Leah Hungerman, and Paul McDonnell co-authored Chapter 9: “Litigation Readiness.” I enjoyed collaborating with colleagues Erica Strauss, and Beth Wurzel to co-author Chapter 12: “eDiscovery Challenges and Strategies for Data Collection, Processing, Review and Production.”

The 1,500+ page treatise is available for purchase via this link in soft-cover or electronic format. I can vouch that none of the sales proceeds go to the above authors (or their law firm), but Thomson Reuters has graciously agreed to provide a 10% discount off of the purchase price through the free E-Discovery App (available on the App Store and Google Play store), and has authorized us to share this discount code with our readers and App users: use discount code EDCC10.


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