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Cybercriminals have not taken a break in 2021

The 2021, Singapore cybersecurity landscape revealed eye-opening rises in cybercrime across all categories in 2021. Scams, phishing, ransomware and defacements all rose. Multiple factors including COVID, the Ukraine war, etc., have contributed to this rise. The call to action from the Cyber Security Agency remains the same - training and awareness across the board and continuing training and investment in cybersecurity and digital law enforcement. This needs to be done with unrelenting focus - never give up.

7 Mr David Koh, Commissioner of Cybersecurity and Chief Executive of CSA, said: “The cyber landscape in 2021 was fraught with increasingly sophisticated threats and more brazen threat actors. The government has stepped up efforts to work with our stakeholders to do more, but cybersecurity is a team sport. Only by banding together and working across borders, do we stand a fighting chance against the ever-evolving threat. Governments, businesses and individuals must continue to do their part to strengthen our collective cybersecurity posture. We must act now.”


cyber crime, cybersecurity, emerging technologies