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EU Data Protection Agenda for 23/23: What organizations need to have on the radar.

The European Data Protection Board (EDPB) published on Valentine's Day 2023 its working program for the next two years. Organizations (EU and non-EU) that are dealing with EU GDPR (#DataProtection) compliance should have this agenda on the radar when determining their own data strategy for next years. 

These are the most important topics:

Data breaches, children data, data subject rights, use of social media by government bodies, health data, international adequacy decisions, BCRs, anonymization/pseudonymization, AI Act vs. GDPR, telemetry usage data and harmonized enforcement. 

Most topics are not really surprising.

I would have expected also focus on adtech and had hoped for stronger guidance to finally solve the burdensome data transfers topic, especially in cloud situation, and also a stronger focus on AI related topics. Use of social media by government bodies looks like a cautious approach that, however, will give indirect guidance also to private organizations. 

EDPB Work Programme 2023-2024


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