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Should we be doing a four day working week?

I’m delighted to have been interviewed by Disunomics for Spotify’s educational podcast Shot and Chaser on whether a four-day working week is the future. On the podcast we discuss how a four-day working week can work, the results of the recent UK trial and some of the pros and cons of adopting the model. 

For more detailed analysis of the results of the UK trial, its impact and my thoughts on what's next for the four day working week, please see my blog here

A permanent four day week is a dream, but could it become a reality? Trials have taken place to see how working one day less a week impacts upon our productivity. But did the results come out in our favour? Today, Disunomics is joined by Jo Powis, Counsel in Law Firm Reed Smith’s Labour and Employment Group, to find out whether or not we should still be doing the Monday to Friday grind. Shot and Chaser is a Spotify Original produced by Somethin' Else.


four day working week, flexible working