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Future of Tokens - Tokenizing Real World Assets

Tokenizing real world assets is once again seeing renewed interest as platforms mature and are viewed as a stable, approachable method for keeping track of ownership in an increasingly digitalized world. In fits and starts, traditionally-minded industries are beginning to realize that “tokenization” is really just a new spin on a much older concept of issuing ownership certificates (whether those are deeds for real estate, certificates for stock or titles for automobiles). When structured properly, tokenization will dramatically increase the velocity of transactions involving underlying assets and open ownership potential for tremendous democratization in the access to wealth accumulation for investors in those assets.

The Reed Smith On-Chain team is looking forward to the discussion and panels involving industry leaders and innovators this weekend at Consensus 2023 in Austin, TX. 

There’s a renewed push to use blockchains to track the transfer in ownership of traditional assets from property to equities. Such tokenization promises 24/7 trading, fractionalization of ownership, and the benefits of programmability through smart contracts. What has changed in recent years to make this long-sought use case finally viable?


tokenization, securities, real estate, digital, blockchain