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Alliance formed in Singapore to tackle AI issues and tool made available

Generative AI is the buzzword these days but at the same time, numerous issues are created by the use of AI. Well-known tech companies and the Singapore government have come together to address these issues. One of the outcomes is the creation of a toolkit, AI Verify, to check for issues. This tooklit is now made available to anyone to use on an open-source basis. While generative AI has clear advantages and applications, its use should encompass transparency and accountability, be cognizant of bias, and have the ability to take remedial action.  

Members of the foundation will contribute to a software toolkit developed by IMDA that analyses datasets and AI code to check for bias, transparency and AI-related issues. The AI Verify toolkit attracted interest from companies such as IBM and Dell when it was piloted in 2022. The toolkit, now available to all companies, helps check the quality of their AI algorithms based on principles laid out by the foundation, including how well an AI can explain its decision-making process, for transparency.


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