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ESG - Equity publishes template "green rider" for talent contracts

Last week Equity, the union for actors and on-screen talent in the UK, published its template green rider, alongside a guide encouraging its members to speak to their agents and push for productions to commit to more sustainable practices.

The rider covers various aspects of a production, including requirements for dressing room/trailers, costume and make-up, catering services, set locations and travel/accommodation. Equity acknowledges that these are often areas where agents push for the best possible outcome for their clients - and traditionally eco-credentials have not been high on their list of demands when negotiating talent deals.

Nevertheless, several high profile actors have supported this move, hoping to inspire others to put sustainability at the core of their contracts, and also promote awareness of the topic generally.

The film/TV production industry has a significant carbon footprint globally. In the UK, the organisation albert (in association with BAFTA) issues certifications of sustainability to productions, which in recent years has become a requirement of many broadcasters and streamers. However, the tone of Equity's guide suggests that these certifications may not go far enough for some.

But whether talent (and their agents) will be successful in persuading productions to take on additional contractual risks, and make potentially onerous sustainability commitments at an individual level, remains to be seen.

Equity’s Green Rider is a set of sustainability clauses that can be added to your TV/film contracts. It states the sustainable actions the artist is willing to take, and what they ask of production in return.


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