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Redeveloping Closed Golf Courses and Country Clubs: Risks and Rewards

The closure of nearly 1,500 golf courses and country clubs since 2014 has left a substantial footprint of prime real estate for potential redevelopment. These expansive properties, often boasting lush greenery and scenic surroundings, are enticing prospects for developers seeking to transform them into residential, commercial, or mixed-use projects. However, the journey from acquisition to completion can be a formidable one, marked by regulatory hurdles and community resistance. 

As golf courses are oftentimes private property and built within a community where homeowners paid a premium to live, those whole sell them face obstacles from local residents if it’s redeveloped into something else. It’s a line that developers are walking right now. They are offering amenities and open space with redevelopment, but also trying to reap the potential rewards with redevelopment.  


real estate, hospitality, development