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The UK Online Safety Act - Keeping you informed here

The recent adoption of the UK Online Safety Act on 26 October 2023 was hailed as an achievement for improving safety online for users in the UK.  The law applies to online service providers that permit users to exchange user-generated content (USG) and to search engines. They will be required to ensure the terms of use and policies are clear on what content is permitted on their platforms, monitor USG for harmful or illegal content, and take down the offending content, if necessary. Service providers likely to be used by children will need to ensure safety measures are applied to protect them from harmful content. Service providers in the scope of this Act will be categorised according to the user count and other factors with the most obligations for those in Category 1. Penalties that may apply in case of non-compliance are high - up to 10% of global annual turnover or £18 million, whichever is higher and senior managers may be subject to criminal sanctions.  The Act will come into force in stages according to Ofcom, the regulator assigned to oversee the implementation of the Act, in 2024-2025.

On 26 October 2023, the UK adopted the Online Safety Act 2023, which introduces new obligations for online platforms to improve user safety online by ensuring content that is illegal and harmful is monitored and removed. We previously compared the Act in its draft form with the EU Digital Services Act here and will be updating the table soon.


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