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Adapting to the staggered implementation of the EU AI Act

The time has come! The European Parliament cast their final vote on the AI Act, which will now come into force 20 days after its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union. This critical piece of legislation is aimed at establishing a harmonized framework for AI usage across Member States, with full enforcement anticipated in May 2026.

The timeline for implementation is deliberately staggered to facilitate a gradual adaptation process:

  • 6 months: Within six months after entry into force, rules about prohibited AI practices apply.
  • 12 months: By the twelfth month following entry intro force, the legislation begins to address broader governance issues, applying specific obligations for the management and oversight of general-purpose AI systems.
  • 24 months: The 24-month milestone after entry intro force marks a significant turning point in the AI Act's implementation, with the full spectrum of its rules becoming enforceable. This includes comprehensive obligations for the oversight of high-risk systems. 
  • 36 months: Finally, at 36 months post-entry intro force, the Act extends its reach to additional high-risk AI systems which are already regulated by other EU laws because they fall under the definition of a regulated product.

This structured, phased implementation approach allows for a progressive alignment with the AI Act's requirements, ensuring that businesses and other stakeholders have adequate time to adapt. As this regulatory landscape around AI continues to evolve, it's crucial to stay informed and prepared.

More information about the specifics can be found in our AI Act timeline document.

The main point now will be implementation and compliance of businesses and institutions.


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