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| 1 minute read

Easy as Pi(e)! A Recipe for Good Information Governance Practices

In an age of proliferating information, increasing privacy regulations, and the ever-present threat of data breaches, sound information governance practices are critical to an organization’s success. Here is our Pi(e) Day recipe for a defensible, wholesome Information Governance (IG) pie:

  1. Information Governance Policies. Implementing up-to-date record retention, data security, electronic communications, and legal hold policies form the crust of the IG pie, creating the shell for proper records management, legal compliance, litigation readiness, and other related benefits. 
  2. Retention Schedules. Creating and executing well thought-out record retention schedules that provide guidance to organizations on how long to retain data for legal, regulatory, and business needs is a crucial ingredient of a rich IG pie.
  3. Employee Training. Providing initial and refresher training for employees and then auditing and rewarding compliance, will ensure that your IG pie is not just half-baked.
  4. Data Remediation. Remediating Redundant, Obsolete, and Trivial (ROT) information will assist in complying with privacy regulations, protecting against data breaches, and controlling storage and e-discovery costs, insuring that unnecessary extra ingredients do not ruin the IG pie. 
  5. Periodic Review. Periodically reviewing and revising information governance policies, record retention schedules, and data remediation plans, including incorporating evolving best practices and technological advances, will ensure the freshness of your IG pie.

In sum, practicing proper information governance will provide organizations with fruitful desserts. Happy Pi(e) Day!


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