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Throwback to last week's event about tech industry's social responsibility

Three things make a successful event. Superb panelists. Solid partnerships. Great venues. 

A week ago, in partnership with PLUGin, we hosted (at Reed Smith's London office) an evening dedicated to tech industry's social responsibility. Our brilliant panel comprising Milly Shotter (Bethnal Green Ventures), Tom McGillycuddy (co-founder of Tickr), Jonny Page (Cyan Finance), Bashir Khairy (founder of MyGreenWallet), moderated by Maiko Schaffrath (Head of Programme at Founders Academy), explored the role of impact-driven investments in bringing about change in the tech world. I'm also delighted to have been able to add my two pennies worth with a keynote on "New Tech, New Ethics: on our challenging relationship with new technologies."

Once again, thank you to everyone who decided to join us for the evening and to the PLUGin team for making this happen. I, for one, have  learnt that there is more to working on events than meets the eye.

"Technologies are said to be morally neutral until they are applied. It is only when we use them for good or for evil that they become good or evil." - William Gibson


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