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Brazilian Senate postpones its national data protection law

Brazil's new data protection law ("LGPD") has been delayed as a result of COVID-19.  Brazil is quickly becoming a hotspot for the virus and as a result emergency measures have been put in place to delay the effective date of the LGPD to at least January 2021, acknowledging the current strong economic uncertainty and the likely inability for smaller Brazilian businesses to dedicate resources to new data protection projects at this time.

The new effective date is pending approval by the Brazilian Congress - the original effective date is just around the corner (August 2020) so a decision is expected soon as to next steps.

Brazil is eagerly waiting for the LGPD to lead not only a transformation in the local data protection scenario, but also a cultural change toward privacy protection, embedding it in our laws and the culture of Brazilians. Let’s hope we get there in time, with no further delays, and in a world already free of the COVID-19 pandemic.


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