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ICO launches *even more* guidance on AI and data protection

Yet again, I'm sounding my 'new ICO guidance' claxon. This time they've published even more AI-focused guidance, which contains recommendations on best practice and technical measures that organisations can use to mitigate risks caused or exacerbated by the use of AI.

This document may look familiar - it was launched under a different guise in February of this year as 'Guidance on the AI auditing framework' when the ICO put it out for consultation - see our blog post on that here.  The consultation closed in April and it looks like the ICO has been hard at work updating the guidance in line with the feedback it received, including changing its name (although the structure of the doc remains the same).

I must admit I am finding it difficult to keep up with all the AI guidance the ICO is producing and what the purpose of each doc is/who the target audience is... in any event, it does look like quite a few changes have been made, so have a look through. Check it out here!

Technology using AI is characterised by fast moving innovation and evolution and we will continue to evolve our guidance to keep pace with it. We will keep seeking feedback on the guidance to help us to achieve this goal as well as continuing to engage with experts to explore the frontiers of this technology whist also growing our own expertise.


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