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Let the eGames begin!

One thing that the pandemic taught us is that you cannot put a good game down. While many sporting events were curtailed, esports kept the flag flying high and revealed opportunities for engagement to a new spectrum of spectators. In some circumstances, competitors with disabilities were able to compete alongside able-bodied competitors. Tentative steps are being taken by the Olympic movement towards esports but the timer has started - while the background work to prepare the entry of esports into the Olympic arena must kick-off.  It is game on for the national and international federations preparing for this and the multi-jurisdiction esports practice at Reed Smith will likewise be contributing to this field.  

The highlight of the week will be the first in-person live finals of the Olympic Esports Series, a global virtual and simulated sports competition created in collaboration with the International Federations (IFs) which builds on the successes of last year’s Olympic Virtual Series.


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