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Sports & eSports convergence continues

The fascinating convergence of sports and eSports continues as traditional sports entities such as national Olympic committees look to find ways of incorporating eSports into their existing sporting events. Several major sporting events have already carried out pilots - the South East Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan-American Games and the Olympic Virtual Series.

The question now must be whether the infrastructure (hardware, software and heartware) is in place to facilitate that convergence - are the games ready and do they reflect the neccessary (such as the Olympic values), are the referees and processes ready to handle player matters and umpiring, and will the games village be ready to take in the digital citizens in its metaverse? 

There is much to be done. 

Europe represents a large number of countries and cultures – each remarkable and unique, and each with its own National Olympic Committee. This partnership presents a powerful opportunity to connect across borders through the GEF’s #worldconnected community.


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