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Not all fun and games

This took some time to emerge but unsurprisingly playing a virtual game can have real world consequences.

A Valorant player (actually, the team captain) has been convicted and jailed for his part in throwing his match in order to win bets. His team as well as Riot Games investigated the allegations and police reports were made.

Lengthy bans were also handed to all those who were caught with their fingers in the candy jar.

As eSports further professionalises, and as the money being invested into eSports increases, expect increased scrutiny into player conduct not just for match-fixing, but also for doping.

Valorant is a first person shooter type game with a reported player base close to 20 million.

(Deputy Public Prosecutor) Menon stated that while there were no prior cases of esports match-fixing, he referenced football match-fixing cases to highlight the gravity of Chung's actions. He added that Chung deprived other competitors of genuine sporting achievement and encouraged his teammates to fix the match.


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