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Hot Drop! - Fortnite makes it to the Olympics (kind of)

In an announcement appearing in May, Fortnite was added to the 9 game line-up for the inaugural Olympic eSports Week (OEW) in Singapore to be held in June.  In a special version created for the OEW, 12 Fortnite players will fight it out in an Olympics-supported event in a special platform to resemble the classic sports shooting arena. As one of the most popular esports games currently being played, the announcement caused excitement in esports fans as it symbolises that esports and the Olympics just got a bit closer. OEW takes place 22 to 25 June at the Suntec Convention Centre.

Before Fortnite was added, nine games were already on the Singapore competition schedule. Some are well-known, such as Gran Turismo from Sony (car racing), Just Dance from Ubisoft (dancing), (chess), Zwift (cycling) and Virtual Regatta (sailing). Others are more obscure, such as the mobile game Tic Tac Bow (archery), Tennis Clash (tennis) and WBSC eBaseball (baseball). The titles selected by the IOC therefore do not really reflect those that are most popular with esports fans. Well-known games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Rocket League and DOTA 2 have been sidelined, as they have nothing to do with the sports which are part of the Olympic Games.


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