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The Enigma of AI

It seems every day we have to incessantly listen to yet another prognosticator opining on Artificial Intelligence and how it's going to change our lives.  How it will destroy jobs while at the same time creating new ones.  How it will simplify routine tasks and eliminate the need for tedious work.  How it can drive cars, make hamburgers, diagnose disease, mow lawns, write books, or make advertising.  Yet the truth is, most of these applications aren't computers replicating intelligence at all.  And while we are rightfully concerned -- perhaps even fearful -- of where AI may lead, the first thing we need to do is properly define it and understand not only what it is, but what it is not.  In a recent article by Harry Guinness for Zapier, he lays it all out in understandable language. Let's hope all those who profess to know what AI is take a lesson from Mr. Guinness. It's long overdue.  

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the hottest buzzword at the moment, and almost every major company is adding some kind of AI features to its product or service. Unfortunately, while the term sounds like it should have an easy and clear definition, it really doesn't.


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