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Ready for EU-DSA? Due Date: Feb 17, 2024

Is your organisation DSA ready? As of 17 February 2024 all EU or EU directed online services and digital platforms must comply with the rules under the EU Digital Services Act (DSA).  The DSA applies to online marketplaces, search engines, social networks, cloud providers, internet providers, and internet platforms. Especially “cloud providers” and “internet platforms” is interpreted very broadly and can also catch, e.g.,  IT services affiliates. This is the last stage of the DSA application phase after DSA obligations have kicked in last year already for large platforms. We will keep you informed here over duties, local implementations, first case law and developments. 

[DSA] Its main goal is to prevent illegal and harmful activities online and the spread of disinformation. It ensures user safety, protects fundamental rights, and creates a fair and open online platform environment.


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