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Singapore launches world’s first AI testing framework and toolkit

On 25 May 2022, Singapore launched A.I. Verify - the world’s first AI Governance Testing Framework and Toolkit for companies who want to demonstrate responsible AI in an objective and verifiable manner. 

A.I. Verify, MVP), aims to promote transparency between companies and their stakeholders through a combination of technical tests and process checks.

With the MVP, Singapore hopes to achieve the following objectives:

currently a Minimum Viable Product (

  •  Transparency, including the use of AI to achieve stated outcomes, understanding how an AI model reaches a decision, and whether the decisions predicted by the AI shows unintended bias.
  • Safety and resilience of AI systems.
  • Accountability and oversight of AI systems.

Companies are invited to participate in the pilot of the MVP, namely:

  • AI system owners and developers who wish to verify their AI systems against internationally accepted AI ethics principles.
  • Technology solution providers who wish to contribute to the development of AI governance implementation and testing tools.
  • Other testing framework owners and developers who wish to have early discussions on compatibility and interoperability with Singapore’s AI Governance Testing Framework and Toolkit.

Further details on A.I. Verify can be found here.

Globally, testing for the trustworthiness for AI systems is an emergent space. As more companies use AI in their products and services, fostering public’s trust in AI technologies remains key in unlocking the transformative opportunities of AI.


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